Smásélag smau-see-AH-lagh
Icelandic for "microscopic community."
Artwork of Smásélag
Professor Professor Janssen
Starter Pokémon Smásélag Starters
Regional Villains Team Grubber
Pokémon League Smásélag League
League Location Woodnymph Hill
Anidex List Smásélag Anidex
Generation VII
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Fanfiction Debut ---

Smásélag is an upcoming region. It is the Icelandic portmanteau of smásjá samfélag, meaning "microscopic community". It is pronounced $ smau-sea-ah-lagh $ or $ smah-see-ah-lag $. It is the first region with accents in it. Animals such as insects, spiders and other smaller animals can be found in this region. This is region predominantly has Bug.

Animals such as the Beautiful Demoiselle, Red-banded Leafhopper, Western Honeybee, Dwarf Pygmy Goby, and Magicicada were once going to be in Tierwald, but this was scrapped and added to Smásélag.


The technology for Smásélag allows Trainers to shrink to the size of only a few centimetres, allowing them to be able to train microscopic creatures, because certain insects and arthropods cannot reach a certain size because of how thick their exoskeletons would be if they were gigantic.