Name: Ryder
Hometown: Avilik City
Region: Animalos
Ability: has a telepathic ability to read the thoughts of others.
Family: N/A
Class: Researcher
Friends: Phoebe
First Chapter Appearance: Chapter 2 (Animalos)
RP Appearance: Phoebe and Ryder in Predator City
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown

Ryder (also known as Radar) is one of the main protagonists from the AWU Official RP fanfiction story, Animalos. He is a young animal researcher from the Animalos region, and a former Team Grubber scientist.


Ryder was born in Avilik City within the Animalos region and grew up as a caring young boy who always had a deep fascination for animals. However, he was often teased by his peers as a result of his hidden telepathic ability resulting in his loss of self-esteem. Ryder would often be seen talking to himself as a child and his ability to read the minds of others would often cause nicknames and extreme embarrassment to himself from the other children at his school and neighborhood.

As he grew up, Ryder studied to become an animal researcher; however, his clumsiness often resulted in his poor reputation among the Animalos researching groups. At some point in his adulthood life, Ryder joined a hidden organization named as "Grubbers INC." as a part-time scientist. Oblivious to their true reputation, the company revealed very little to the newcomer scientists and made their jobs to be developing radar and transmitting devices that served an unrevealed purpose at the time.

Ryder eventually met a mysterious girl known as Phoebe during his travels. He first meets her outside of the Greifvögel Town Gym where the two share a meal together. However, they bond together and run away from the town after discovering the presence of various Team Grubber members and their plan to replace synthetic meat with meat from real animals.


Ryder, in general, a kind and soft spoken young man. He is rather timid, and often doesn't speak out his mind too often to others. His low self-esteem was developed as a result of the teasing he attained as a child from other children while growing up in Avilik City due to his telepathic abilities. Ryder's timidness continued as a young adult where his clumsiness in studying animals resulted in other researchers to doubt his abilities as Ryder would often frighten away animals by tripping or causing too much noise by accident.


Ryder is known to be a telepathic and is able to read the thoughts of other humans around him.


On hand

Silk is a Ball Python that Ryder caught in the Black Kestrel Forest and was the first Animal he caught overall.

Silk's known moves are Glare and Wrap.

Debut [[]]
First RP appearance
RP Appearance Ryder Reaches the Black Kestrel Forest
Blackhoof is a Mountain Zebra that was caught by Ryder during his travels alongside Phoebe at Blue Whale Island. Blackhoof's partner Whitetail was likewise caught by Phoebe. Blackhoof is shown to be a timid, but kind-hearted animal who is ready to help his trainer at anytime.

Her moves are unknown.

Debut [[]]
First RP appearance
RP Appearance Phoebe and Ryder on Blue Whale Island

To be called upon

Cinnamon is Ryder's very first animal and his starter animal. Ryder saved her from several Team Grubber members in a forest within Red Valley. Since then, Cinnamon has proven to be a powerhouse on Ryder's team. She is currently travelling alongside Stripe in hopes of making a family.

Her known moves include Quick Attack, Peck, Sky Drop, Aerial Ace and Ember.

Debut [[]]
First RP appearance
RP Appearance Ryder reaches the Black Kestrel Forest
Released in... Phoebe and Ryder on Blue Whale Island