Name: Phoebe
Full Name: Phoebe Zimmerman
Hometown: Blue Whale Island
Region: Animals
Ability: Can speak to animals.
Family: Benson Zimmerman
Class: Trainer
Friends: Ryder
First Chapter Appearance: Animalos: Chapter 1
RP Appearance: Phoebe in the Forest
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 94 lbs.
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Brown
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Phoebe Zimmerman is a character from Animalos. She owns an American Kestrel, Caracal, Nankeen Kestrel, Tawny Eagle and a Mountain Zebra.


Before Animalos

Phoebe was shown to have a prosthetic leg. The reason why isn't specifically stated, but she said it was because her leg developed gangrene.[1] Her father is a part of Team Grubbers, a group that sells real meat instead of synthetic.[1] Her mother is also deceased,[1] and she claims to have gotten lots of inheritance from her.

In Animalos

Phoebe is shown to be racing in a field, towards an American Kestrel nest. She avoids the parent's dive bombing, and eventually reaches the nest, grabbing the egg and taking it back to her home with her. She lives alone in a cabin on Blue Whale Island.[1]

In chapter 3, she travels through the Black Kestrel Forest,[2] although her intentions as to why aren't clear. There, she befriends a Caracal whom she named Stealth.[2]

She eventually reaches Greifvögel Town, where she befriends Ryder.[2]

Phoebe is shown to be good at reading people, just by looking at them.[2] It is unknown as to how she learnt this skill. She also moves fast enough that people have trouble reacting quick enough.[2]

Animals she owns

On hand

Kessie is Phoebe's first animal she obtained by stealing from the nest of Kessie's parents. Phoebe hatched her from an egg, and the two are inseparable. Kessie is good at letting Phoebe know about upcoming dangers by scouting ahead. Kessie is quiet, and rarely says a thing, but she occasionally says klee. In the RP, she is shown to remember the incubator where she had hatched.

Kessie's known moves are Fire Spin, Brave Bird and Aerial Ace.

Debut Chapter 1
Stealth is Phoebe's first animal she caught on her journey through Animalos. Stealth is a reliable Animal, letting Phoebe know if there's danger nearby and he can also scent humans and other animals. He loves to chew on her prosthetic leg, despite the chagrin of her. He also keeps her warm when it's cold out.

Stealth's known moves are Take Down, Shadow Claw and Double Kick.

Debut Chapter 3
Whitetail is Phoebe's fifth animal she caught on her journey through Animalos. Whitetail and her mate, Blackhoof, happened upon Phoebe and Ryder as they were trying to go to Predator City to help Owlwing. Ryder stupidly went up to them, nearly injuring himself. Phoebe managed to calm them down. Whitetail didn't want another animal to die at the expense of the Grubbers, and she let the duo ride them. Ryder rode upon Whitetail, while Phoebe rode upon Blackhoof. After travelling for an unknown amount of time, they had made it to Predator City. Whitetail decided to go with Phoebe before they went into a hotel.

Known of her moves are known, but is suspected she can use Extreespeed for brief periods.

Debut [[]]
First RP appearance
RP Appearance Phoebe and Ryder on Blue Whale Island
Owlwing is Phoebe's fifth animal she caught on her journey through Animalos. Owlwing was injured, although it is unknown as to whom did so (possibly Grubbers). When she took him to a Nurse, the Nurse suggested he should be put down, but Phoebe refused. Owlwing serves as a "pet" of sorts to Phoebe. His wings were amputated because of the extent of his injuries. Phoebe has limited veterinary knowledge, and hopes one day to put new wings on him.
Debut [[]]
First RP appearance
RP Appearance Phoebe and Ryder on Blue Whale Island


Stripewing is an Animal that Phoebe befriended as she was on her way to Predator City to get supplies. He was trapped in a snare, when she commanded him to use Steel Wing. He freed himself, and Phoebe's prosthetic leg. She told him to be careful, as he flew off.

In the RP, he was her third caught Animal overall, and she eventually released him, along with Cinnamon to go start a new family.

Stripewing's only known move is Steel Wing.

Debut Chapter 1
Released in... Phoebe and Ryder on Blue Whale Island


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