Nocturnia NOC-turn-ee-a
Nocturnal: an animal or person active at night.
Artwork of Nocturnia
Starter Pokémon Nocturnia Starters
Regional Villains Team Grubber
Pokémon League Nocturnia League
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Anidex List Nocturnia Anidex
Generation VI
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Nocturnia is the name of the upcoming sixth generation region of AWU. It is a large region that is famously known for its animals that are all exclusively nocturnal.

Nocturnia's Anidex is split into three different categories: Above-ground Nocturnia, Marine Nocturnia, and Cave Nocturnia; respectively. These three dex categories are used to split the different forms of wildlife that appear within the large region.

Anidex Split

Nocturnia is notable for being the first region in AWU to have a split within its dex to include the many varying species of animals that live within the region:

  • The Cave Nocturnia dex covers species that are located exclusively within the many caves of the Nocturnia region including various species of bats.