Carnivorans or Carnivora (German Raubtiere) is an Egg Group containing animals from the order Carnivora. It includes dogs, cats, skunks, bears, raccoons, civets, the Fossa, mongooses, hyenas, the Aardwolf, seals, sea lions, fur seals and the Walrus. Other species in this group are also in the Feline, Canine, Pinniped, Ursid, Mustelid, and Viverrine Egg Groups.

In this group

#   Pokémon Type Other
022 022 Grey Wolf Dark Ghost Canine
023 023 Caracal Fighting Feline
024 024 Asiatic Black Bear Dark Ursid
025 025 Black-footed Ferret Ground Dark Mustelid
026 026 Striped Skunk Dark Mustelid
027 027 Eastern Spotted Skunk Dark Mustelid
036 036 Cheetah Ground Electric Feline
055 055 Grey Seal Water Pinniped
109 109 Baikal Seal Water Ice Pinniped