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Animalos (story) chapter
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Phoebe’s POV

I dashed to the forest where I saw a kestrel egg. It was an American Kestrel. The sun was starting to set and I wanted to grab the egg before the sun set. The sky casted a yellowish glow and Venus already appeared in the sky. I looked at my watch. It was 7:15. Brushing past itchy poison ivy and briars, I didn’t care. I noticed the parents circling around me. The mother dive-bombed me, but I flinched before she could rip my hair out. I climbed the tree, being careful of my prosthetic leg. I reached the nest box, grabbing the egg and putting it into a belt pack. I climbed down the tree and ran as fast as possible back to my cabin.

I live alone on Blue Whale Island, the largest area in Animalos. There are many natural areas as well as cities on this island. There are ferries coming to and from this island, so it brings many visitors and vacationers to the island. The island has a warm climate most of the year, except during the winter. It gets quite cold because of the ocean.

My mother was dead and my father was a part of this group called the Grubbers. They sell real meat instead of synthetic meat, tricking people into thinking it’s the latter. They do this for money, hence their name. Synthetic meat has an edible barcode on it, though smaller pieces might not, because of their size. Anyone can look for this said barcode. However, most people have stopped looking, and henceforth, this is why Grubbers sell real meat.

Sighing, I had finally made it to my cabin. Unlocking it and flipping on the lights, I noticed everything was fine. Unzipping my belt pack, I noticed the egg wasn’t cracked. I walked over to an incubator and placed it inside. “I think I’ll name you Kessie, since I don’t know your gender is yet.” I smiled and looked at the egg. A few happy tears fell down my face. “I’ll raise you to be the best animal you can be.” I smiled. “You were laid about five days ago, so I’ll have to wait another few weeks.”

I walked to my room. I kicked off my shoes and socks, and took my prosthetic leg off. I had the leg for a reason. I was in an accident and the doctors couldn’t do a damn thing, because I was stuck out in the wild for so long. My leg had started to develop gangrene. I decided they should just amputate it. I didn’t really mind that I have a prosthetic leg, I’ve since gotten used to it. I can do normal things just like anyone else.

I flipped on the TV and walked to the bathroom. Flipping on the heater, I started the shower. My bathroom and bedroom were awesome. I could watch TV while taking a shower. I eventually got in and slipped out. Putting my robe on, I decided to sit outside on the porch. I couldn’t stay for long, just in case my dad happened to see me.

It was dark when I stepped out. Camelopardis and Ursa Major dramatically rose in the sky. I smiled and stepped back in, making absolute sure, the egg would be all right. My stomach rumbled after looking at the egg. “I should get to the store tomorrow. I’m almost out of food.” I sighed.

The next day

I gathered all the stuff I needed for my trek to Predator City. I had a lot of money with me, just in case. I also had a shovel, a water bottle, and some utensils and tools. My stomach gurgled. “I’m sorry stomach, we’ll get some food soon…” I rubbed it. I noticed a few birds flying around. “Lesser Kestrels.” I smiled.

I had been walking for several hours, when I felt the need to go. “Ohhh… Hmm…”I searched for a good spot. “There.” I walked to some trees, off the path. I finished my business and walked back onto the trail. The blistering heat caused me to become very thirsty. I set my backpack down and grabbed a water bottle, drinking some of it.

I heard something odd. “Huh?” I walked to where the sound was coming from. It was a Nankeen Kestrel caught in a snare. “What the? Who in the world would do such a thing?” I growled. Just when I was about to get near it, I got caught in a snare too.

I felt all the blood rush to my face. “Oh dammit!” I cursed. I was hanging by one foot, stuck in a tree. “Crap!” I couldn’t really reach my backpack, for my knife. I eventually let it slide off my arms. Grabbing it before I fell, I was able to reach for it. I then realised that I was hanging from my prosthetic leg. “Why didn’t I think of that before?” I sighed. I was somehow able to reach it and unhook it from my body. I landed on the ground with a crash. That’s when I collapsed. I didn’t know how much time had passed, after I woke up from a daze. Rubbing my head, I noticed the kestrel was still struggling.

“Try using Steel Wing,” I said in bird of prey language.

“You can understand me?” the kestrel asked.

“Of course I can, I have been around birds of prey my whole life. Do you have a name?”

“My name is Stripewing.”

“That’s an interesting name.” I watched his wings cut through the twine of the snare. “”Say, could you get my leg down from there too, please? Since I helped you.”

“Of course.” The bird’s wings cut through the twine, dropping the leg. I caught my leg and carefully put it back on. “Thank you.” I smiled.

“No, thank you.” If he could smile, he probably would have.

“No problem. You be careful, all right?” I warned the kestrel.

“Of course.” The bird nodded and flew off.

I sighed and stood up, continuing my journey to Predator City…

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